Selected References

What clients and colleagues say.

Flora Füldner

Prozessberaterin / in.betrieb gGmbH

"Sandra has helped me define my strengths, recognize my own achievements, trust my competencies and to be optimistic and brave in regards to new professional positions. All tools I learned from her will continue to support me for a long time. I can fully recommend you to get the Sandra-spirit for your life!"

Stefan Schütz

HR Director / Audi AG

"Thank you very much for your support within our Human Resources Project - structured, analytical, goal orientated - and with the right words at the right time - it's been fun!!!"

Anja Elligsen

HR Consultant & Coach

„Thanks to her calm, level-headed, factual and at the same time empathetic manner, Sandra is a very pleasant conversation partner. With her great psychological and diagnostic expertise, she is an asset to any project team. On economically focused projects, it's very important to have someone like Sandra with you to bring in new perspectives."

Katharina Reischenberger

Managing Director /                    Holistic Management-Institut GmbH

„As an experienced business coach, Sandra Sester always supports people professionally, competent and above all sympathetically in their development and change projects. Working with Sandra is a great pleasure and a great asset."

Nico Bitzer

Founder & CEO / Bots & People

"Sandra is an extremely competent consultant! She displays an incredibly high abilty to put herself in the position of others. We have worked together in several projects and her performance always exceeded expectations - through very high quality standards as well as creativity in her approaches. Thank you Sandra! I hope we will work together for many more years and projects."

Lars Putzer

Founder & CEO /                     

ConMendo GmbH 

„Sandra is an open, confident, competent personality who is particularly appreciated by clients and colleagues for her reliability, diversity, expertise and team spirit. She knows how to respond flexibly and agile to the needs of clients without losing sight of the overall economic goals of the project."

Timo Judith

Head of Human Capital Transformation / PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

„Sandra presents expertise and conceptual strength in the entire HR portfolio. She represents project goals and necessary tasks confidently, reliably and with integrity at all hierarchical levels."

Ivana Kurevija

Manager CoE Talent & Impact / PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH

„I had the pleasure of working with Sandra on various projects. Working with her has always been very rewarding. Sandra knows how to ask the right questions and rightly question the usual procedures in order to achieve an even better work result for everyone involved. I would be very happy to work with her again! Thank you for the great cooperation, Sandra!"

Meliha Muratagic

Psychologist/ Police Berlin

„Sandra has a high level of empathy that you rarely experience! She has an incredibly good feeling for different people and situations. Already during our university studies she faced problems in a solution-oriented and structured way. It's a lot of fun working with her!"


Sandra Sester
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